The unique ultra care skin care program

Groundbreaking research from Professors Fleischer
and Gerber and Dr Paul Clayton brings you:

The extraordinary benefits of Beta-Glucans
in a range of specially formulated treatments

The science

The modern world of skin care offers a number of non-surgical products that actually can reduce wrinkles and the signs of ageing.

These fall into two main categories: Peptide based creams (which act as indiscriminate cell growth promoters) and botox emulators (which temporarily swell and stretch the skin) are respectively known to generate skin growth and temporarily smooth the skin’s surface, creating an improved visual effect.

In the longer run, however, the only way to be sure that the effects are both healthy and lasting is to harness your bodies natural defense systems that fight imperfections and mutations, rather than encourage them.

To do this you need to support the extra-cellular matrix, a fine three-dimensional mesh of micro-fibres which determine the strength, firmness, smoothness and hydration of the skin.

This can be done using beta glucans (pictured) to activate a population of cells deep in the skin called the Langerhans cells. Langerhans cells are a key element in the skin’s defense; they protect against micro-organisms that could otherwise cause disease, and clear away damaged skin cells.

They also promote the growth of new skin cells and stimulate the fibroblasts, another key group of cells in the skin responsible for generating new extra-cellular matrix.

Once activated, the Langerhans cells and the fibroblasts gradually overhaul the skin, giving it a spring-cleaning from the inside and renewing the extra-cellular matrix.

The transportation of these long chain molecules deep into the skin without any invasive techniques…

Beta glucans are not usually able to penetrate the skin; but as a result of recent research it has become possible to complex them with hyaluronic acid (the skin’s natural hydrating agent) so they sink into the skin like rain into fertile soil. There is an immediate improvement in skin hydration due to the hyaluronic acid, resulting in better bloom. Meanwhile, in the background, the beta glucans get to work.

The unique brilliance of the patented combination of Glucaferm® and Hyaferm® blended into luxury creams and lotions…

Luxury skin care for women and men, Skin repair and renewal products

The only known non-invasive way of achieving this has been patented as a combination of a beta glucan known as Glucaferm® and a carrier called Hyaferm®. These uniquely combine to make up the primary constituent of the Pro-Ferm range of skin creams.

Research at the Berlin University show that wrinkle depth is reduced, and skin hydration and elasticity improved after only 30 days of use as illustrated below.

Glucaferm® is a highly bioactive molecule with amazingly beneficial properties, it consists of specially purified 1-3, 1- 6 beta glucans, the most potent natural immune support known.

These boost immune cells in the skin, helping them work harder to kill bacteria and deformed cells and to accelerate tissue repair and healing.

Pro-Ferm returns the dynamic equilibrium of your skin to that of younger skin, hydration and elasticity improve and wrinkles are visibly reduced.

Safe, scientifically proven and patented, Pro-Ferm is different. It provides luxury face care that naturally supports the bodies defense systems to genuinely reduce the signs of ageing without potential long term penalties or concerns. Pro-Ferm is a non-surgical solution you can trust.

Essentially, Pro-Ferm naturally harnesses the power of your skin’s immune system – which is the trigger for the skins repair and renewal mechanism, to give you deeper immunity to the signs of ageing.

Dr Paul Clayton MA PhD

The cosmaceutical benefits provided by Pro-Ferm’s immuno modulation treatment are not only completely unique but probably one of the biggest advances in non invasive anti-ageing treatment ever.

Dr Paul Clayton MA PhD Former President, Section on Food & Health, Royal Society Medicine and advisor to the Governments Committee on the Safety of Medicines

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